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INDOAR – the powerful and intuitive AR template by ViewAR.

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Are you looking for a smart way to boost the customer experience at your location? Here’s the right tool for you.

With INDOAR you can provide digital navigation and display additional information on your customers' smartphone. INDOAR is easy to implement and based on a digital twin created with for example Matterport, Navvis or Leica scanners. Offer your clients unique augmented reality guided tours and immersive experiences!

Offer your clients a new dimension!

INDOAR opens up an immersive world of experiences, information, video, AR-content and guided tours, that can be added to any existing physical venue without the need of expensive hardware infrastructures. Our AR navigation solution combines online & offline capabilities in one ecosystem and is based on a digital twin.

The indoor navigation template can be used for small locations as well as complex and large buildings without having any hardware installations on site.


INDOAR product features – for augmented opportunities

No expensive hardware is necessary. INDOAR uses a digital twin from Matterport, Navvis or Leica as an infrastructure.

Easy Installation

Content to enhance the experience of the visitor can be text, images, audio, video, links and PDFs. It can be retrieved from an existing database.

Visitors can pick a guided tour of their interest and receive turn-by-turn directions to locations or objects where GPS and other technologies don't work.

Content for POI's

Guided Tours

Administrate Points-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your physical venue.

3D Admin Panel

Let our integrated AI chatbot answer questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

Additionally, you can offer partial or complete virtual product presentations online on your website or for promotion purposes shared on social media.

AI chatbot

Virtual catalogue


Indoor navigation for your purpose & venue

With INDOAR, museum visitors can set up their personalized tours or choose from a set of pre-defined tours focusing on a specific topic. Interactive content related to the exhibition object can be shown with augmented reality. Additional information about the objects will be displayed when pointed at the object.

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Big exhibitions, trade shows and events are very hard to navigate around not only for the visitors, but also for exhibitors, contractors and logistic partners.

Visitors can be routed through similar category booths and provided with additional information about the booth exhibitors availability for a meeting.

Exhibitions & Events

The experience of travelling is not as easy as it used to be. Airports became bigger due to the increased number of flights around the world. Increased amounts of stores and gates make visitors confused.

Navigation systems will provide additional information for airport visitors as well as guide them to the desired shops and gates.


Easily find the fastest way to your favourite shop or product! Routes can be set up to show visitors additional upselling opportunities, special discounts, products and services that are bought together. Furthermore, visitors can be encouraged to buy a higher-end product than the one in question.

Find out how to use augmented reality in retail >

Malls & Shopping

With INDOAR hospitals are able to provide a precise and easy to use wayfinding experience. Navigating people to the department they need to be without the need of searching. Reducing stress and even providing extra onscreen information about departments, waiting times, procedures and much more location based information if desired.

More info on indoor wayfinding in healthcare >


Commercial real estate can benefit from INDOAR in multiple ways. Not just having visitors find the company they are visiting in a large building, but also to improve facility management processes by providing wayfinding and location based access to maintenance interfaces when the worker arrives on his task to execute.

Commercial Real Estate

If you need more information about INDOAR, want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable AR use case for you, contact us. Our ViewAR experts are happy to help you.


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The benefits of using INDOAR


Indoor navigation technology relies on Wi-Fi to provide unmatched accuracy where GPS systems do not work. Even if your office is located on the 18th floor of a skyscraper office tower, a smartphone user can find you easily. Besides pinpointing the location, it is quite easy to use navigation since the smartphone can give you the directions and alternative routes to get there.


Using the latest visual positioning technology, INDOAR provides precise and robust navigation without any hardware installations on-site. Indoor navigation is a technology platform that does not require the users to upgrade to the modern devices to enjoy the services.

Hardware-free navigation

Visitors start the company-specific app by scanning the QR-code with their own iOS or Android smartphone. After that, you can unleash object tracking with augmented reality content and interaction abilities overlaying the physical object on display at the location.


Recording hundreds of Point-of-Interest within the digital twin of your environment has never been so easy. Scan article numbers with your phone and with positional OCR the location and product information are automatically linked!



INDOAR best practices

Offer visitors unique augmented reality guided tours creating an enhanced immersive experience.


Enhance the retail experience with augmented reality information, guiding, advertising and more.


Optimize processes, access data & applications based on you position saving costs with Industrial AR.

Industrial AR

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